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Brief Description of the Projects of Law and Justice Division
The following 3 (three) projects (2 Investment and 1 TA) of Law and Justice Division, MOLJ&PA are included in the ADP, 2012-13 with allocation. Total ADP allocation for these Projects is Tk. 10026.00 lakh (GOB : Tk.10000.00 lakh and project aid : Tk. 26.00 lakh).
A. Investment Projects
1. Construction of District Registrar's Offices in 20 Districts and Sub-Registrar's Offices in 63 Districts 1st phase (revised).  
  Approval Status 
 Revised approved on 24.11.2009
Implementing Agency 
 Registration Directorate and PWD.
 Implementation Period 
 July, 2006- June, 2013
  Estimated Cost 
Total Tk. 13017.77 Lakh, GOB : Tk. 13017.77 Lakh.
  Project Objective 
 To Construct 20 District Registrar's office buildings and 34 Sub-Registrar's office buildings and land acquisition for 23 Sub-Registrar's office buildings throughout Bangladesh.
  Financial Progress upto June 2012 
 Tk. 9204.00 Lakh
2012-13 ADP Allocation 
 Total - Tk. 2000.00 Lakh (GOB)
 2012-13 ADP utilization Upto January 2013  
 Total - Tk. 972.00 Lakh
  Name of the Project Director 
Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Suptd. Engineer, PWD . Phone - 880 2-9569645
 Overall Progress 
Construction of a total of 20 district Registrar's offices and 34 Sub-Registrar's offices and land acquisition for 23 Sub-Registrar's offices are included in the project. As of 31st January 2013, constructions for 18 district Registrar's offices and 33 Sub-registrar's offices have been undertaken from which constructions of 11 district Registrar's offices and 24 Sub-registrar's offices have already been completed. Land acquisition has been completed in 10 upazilas.
2. Construction of Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Buildings at 64 districts in Bangladesh : 1st Phase (revised).  
  Approval Status   Revised approved on 08.02.2011
Implementing Agency  Law and Justice Division and PWD
Implementation Period   July 2009- June, 2014
  Estimated Cost   Total Tk. 87037.30 Lakh(GOB).
Project Objective  Construction of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Court Buildings in 34 districts and acquisition of land in the remaining 30 districts for CJM court buildings.
Financial Progress upto June 2012   Tk. 9986.00 Lakh
 2012-13 ADP Allocation:   Total - Tk. 8000.00 Lakh (GOB)
 2012-13 ADP utilization Upto January 2013   Total - Tk. 5663.00 Lakh
  Name of the Project Director  Md. Nurul Islam, Suptd. Engineer,PWD. Phone # 880 2-9513711
 Overall Progress  Construction works have already been undertaken in 27 districts. Land acquisition has been finalized in 9 districts.
B. TA Project
1. Addressing Violence Against Women through IOM  
  Approval Status   Approved
Implementing Agency  Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI)
  Implementation Period   January 2010 - July 2013
  Estimated Cost   Total Tk. 80.71 Lakh, GOB : Tk. 15.00 Lakh (In Kind)
 PA : Tk. 65.71 Lakh
  Project Objective:  To address the issues related to adopting and implementing policies preventing Violence against Women (VAW) and protecting victims and survivors.
  Financial Progress upto June 2012   Tk. 46.60 Lakh (PA)
 2012-13 ADP Allocation   Total - Tk. 26.00 Lakh (PA)
 2012-13 ADP utilization Upto January 2013   Total - Tk. 5.30 Lakh (PA)
  Name of the Project Director   Md. Jakir Hossain, Director (Admin), JATI. Phone # 880 2-7169789
 Overall Progress  Preparation of a judiciary training manual on VAW and providing training to 960 Judges of Sub-ordinate judiciary and 320 prosecutors on the same are main activities of the project. Training manual has already been finalized and 709 Judges and 308 prosecutors were given training on the manual till January 2013.
2. Justice Sector Facility Project  
  Approval Status   Approved
Implementing Agency 

Law and Justice Division

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs

  Implementation Period   July 2012 - June 2015
Project Budget

Total Tk. 5732.50 Lakhs, GOB: Tk. 38 Lakhs

Unfunded: Tk. 650.80 Lakhs

Project Donor
  Project Objectives (s) 

1. To enhance communication, coordination and co-operation between justice sector agencies in two pilot districts through establishment o f solutions for inter-agency case management.

2. To improve strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, delivery of government legal aid and prosecution of cases.

3. To strengthen cross sectoral dialogue and establish sector wide coordination mechanism.

  Name of the National Project Director   ASSM Zahirul Haque

Secretary, Law and Justice Division

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affiars

  Name of the Focal Person of the Project

Mizanur Rahman Khan

Joint Secretary (Admin-2, In-Charge), Law and Justice Division

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affiars

  Overall Progress

1. Communication, coordination and cooperation mechanism between justice sector agencies including police, prison, civil surgeon and judicial officials in pilot areas established and functional.

2. Improved communication, coordination and cooperation between justice sector agencies are contributing to increasing the rate of disposal of criminal cases in pilot districts.

3. Access to legal aid increased by a wider-range of stakeholders through the amendment of National Legal Aid Policy, establishment of Workers Legal Aid Cell, at Dhaka Labour Court, development of ADR rules and training Districts Legal Aid Officers etc.

4. Four justice sector institutions namely Law and Justice Divisions of MoLJPA, Judicial Administration Training Institute, Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission and Attorney General's Office have developed strategic plans. Another two inistitutions namely Bar Council and Law Commission started to do so.

5. Seven justice sector institutions are supported through seed funding to improve institutional capacities to deliver services, legal aid and research.

6. A roadmap for sector wide coordination for VAW cases developed through a consultative process with the jsutice sector actors from government and non-government inistitutions. A business process mapping for justice sector agencies developed

Important Web Link
3. Justice Reform and Corruption Prevention (JRCP) Project  
  Approval Status   Approved
Implementing Agency 

Law and Justice Division

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs; Anti-Corruption Commission

Implementing Partner German Development Cooperation (GIZ)
  Implementation Period   July 2013 - June 2016
Estimated Cost

Total Tk. 2685.00 Lakhs, GOB: Tk. 110.00 Lakhs

PA: Tk. 25.75 Lakhs

  Project Objectives (s) 

Enhancement of Delivery of Criminal Justice and Corruption Prevention Measures

Financial Progress upto June 2014 Tk. 881.90839 Lakh, GoB: 5.00 Lakhs, PA: 806 Lakhs
2014-15 ADP Allocation Total Tk. 811.00 Lakhs; GoB: 5.00 Lakhs, PA: 806 Lakhs
  Name of the National Project Director   Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Joint Secretary (Opinion), Law and Justice Division; Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affiars

Phone: 880-2-9540328

  Overall Progress

1. Justice Audit Bangladesh (Five Pilot Districts) completed and presented in the Project Advisory Comimittee Meeting with participation of representatives from the relevant governement institutions and stakeholders.

2. Strategic Planning (Corruption Prevention) for Anti-Corruption Commission is under process.

3. A total 496 number of events (training, workshop, meeting, discussion, day observation etc.) organized at national and local level and reached 22538 people.

4. Inter-Ministerial Meetings between MoLJPA and MoHA are being organized on the issues of Prison Reform, Legal Reform, Introducing Restorative Justice and Diversion.

Important Web Link Bangladesh Justice Audit (
New/Pipe Line projects
A. Investment Project
1. Vertical Expansion of District Judge Court Buildings in 28 districts  
 Overall Progress The project has been designed at a total cost of Tk.14500.00 Lakh (GOB) for implementation during July 2013 to June 2016. Law and Justice Division in association with PWD will implement the project. Meeting of the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) on the project was held in the Planning Commission on 14th March 2013. The project is included in the 2012-13 ADP without allocation.